AarannaHair Design - Waxing and threading

services cost
Waxing & Threading Eyebrow: $12
  Lip or Chin: $6
  Full Face: $30
Waxing Only Underarms: $15
  Arms: $25 & up
  Half Leg: $25 & up
  Full Leg: $45 & up
  Stomach: $25 & up
  Bikini Line: $25 & up
  Full Leg & Bikini Line: $55 & up
  High Bikini Line: $30 & up
  Eyebrow Threading: $12
  Full Face Threading: $30

We use only natural waxes at Aaranna. The wax selection that you have to choose from are:
1. A top of the line Bee's wax
2. A Homemade wax that's based on Honey and Lemon.
3. A high-end European wax

quick info on hours

Mon-Fri: 10am-7:00pm
Sat: 9am-5:00pm
Sunday: Appointment

Tips for you

Hair Tip: Don't wash your hair everyday. Try to skip a day when you can to keep your natural oils from being stripped away.

Hair Tip: Try to lessen trauma to your hair. An easy way to damage it is by wrapping wet hair in a towel.

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